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Two External Monitors on a MacBook Pro

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How to Move the Dock to a Another Monitor in OS X El Capitan

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    In stock. Okay, I'm gonna keep this short and sweet. Really like the monitor a lot. Was worried at first it might be too big, but it's not. In fact I could probably go bigger. I just love the screen real estate this monitor provides. I'm rating this as a p monitor and not comparing it to other higher resolution versions.

    For what it is, it works great.

    Set the Primary Display on a Dual-Screen Mac Setup

    The only reason I knocked off a star is because I have some light leakage around the bottom and top of the screen. Definitely noticeable when on an all black screen, but not for the majority of the stuff I use the monitor for. But no one else is complaining of this issue, so I may have just gotten a slightly defective one. Anyways, when I first got the monitor, like a few other reviewers, I wasn't thrilled Please let me know if you have reason to believe otherwise. First off: this is not a gaming-optimized monitor.

    While it does perform pretty well for my very casual gaming usage, it lacks gaming-oriented features like a Hz refresh rate or VESA adaptive sync. That out of the way, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better inexpensive screen for mixed usage. I bought the p version of this monitor. It is a great monitor with a few odd design choices I don't love.

    Monitoring your Mac’s health with CleanMyMac X

    I kind of wish I had bought two at the Prime Day price to seem them side by side with that small of a bezel. This thing is also very thin. I saw the product images beforehand, but in real life it's just crazy how thin the panel is. The Bad: The silver accents are not great. I didn't think I would care, but that shiny silver strip along the bottom of the panel reflects my blue LED keyboard really brightly.

    Also, the power cord is non-standard. I thought I'd be able to just swap out my old monitor and plug in the previous HDMI and power cables, I have two of these on a pole stand hooked up to my Mac Mini , as part of my stand up desk. As displays, they are just perfect. Now, if you think you're going to get decent audio out of these, I have a unicorn to sell you. The little speakers sound more tinny than a bad cell phone and the volume control embedded deep in the menu system is basically unusable. As other users have stated, buttons on the bottom right corner are difficult to use.

    I use both hands so I don't have to move between buttons. They are mounted on the back side of the monitor. I paired two of these with the WALI desk stand. These are TN panels, which for this size monitor it can be a problem unless the monitor is angled just right.

    How to set up multiple monitors with your Mac

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