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Email messages are not scanned client-side by Outlook for Mac to determine whether they are junk mail. Exchange servers provide server-side junk mail filtering, and most popular email providers, such as Hotmail, Outlook. This behavior makes client-side Outlook junk filtering redundant.

How To Delete Junk Mail In Apple Mail, Macbook Pro, iMac, El Capitan.

When you connect to an Exchange or a later version mailbox including Exchange Online , Outlook for Mac does not let you add safe senders. If Outlook is connected to only Exchange or later accounts including Exchange Online , you see a message that states this feature is not available for the accounts currently configured. If you connect to an Exchange or later mailbox including Exchange Online in Outlook for Mac, you can add server-side blocked senders. Blocked senders that are added by using this method will be synchronized to the Exchange server and stored there. To add a server-side blocked sender when you connect to an Exchange or later mailbox, select the email message sent from the sender that you want to block, click Junk on the ribbon, and then click Block Sender.

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Or, you can right-click the email message, click Junk , and then click Block Sender. The next time that this sender sends you an email message, the message will be directed into the Junk E-Mail folder. These are client-side blocked senders only, and they are not synchronized to the server. When you add a blocked sender in Outlook for Mac, an email message from that sender will be moved to the Junk E-Mail folder when the email message is downloaded to Outlook.

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If you have one or multiple POP, IMAP, or Exchange accounts configured, when you open the Junk Preferences, you see a message that states which account the settings apply to, because these settings only apply to these account types. You can add client-side safe and blocked senders.

You can still mark an email message as junk manually. To do this, click the Junk menu, and then click Mark as Junk.

Apple Emails End Up In Gmail Spam Folders: Reports

This moves the email message to the Junk E-Mail folder. However, future email messages that are similar or from the same sender are not automatically moved to the Junk E-Mail folder. When you connect Outlook for Mac to an Exchange account, it's recommended that you use OWA to enable or disable Exchange server-side junk mail filtering and to manage your server-side Safe and Blocked Senders lists.

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  7. After a few days, when you are satisfied that the Mail application is properly classifying unwanted mail as junk, you can enable your Mac to delete spam for you automatically. Launch Mail on your Mac. Click the check boxes next to the types of messages that you want to exempt from junk mail filtering.

    Keep an eye on how Mail processes each item.

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    If you get a lot of email every day, you may find that you are satisfied with how the Mail application detects junk email messages within a day or two. When you are confident that the filter is properly identifying junk mail, you can change the setting to move spam into the junk mail folder automatically. Julius Vandersteen has been a freelance writer since Skip to main content.