Smoke 2012 mac system requirements

With Apple's Thunderbolt-enabled technology, the new Smoke can be used on iMacs and even laptops. Instead of the company's typical day trial download, Smoke will be available for use until the product ships. The new Autodesk Smoke won't be for everyone. The feature film editor will most likely stick with the editing system he or she already has.

But Autodesk has rightly ascertained that there are many, many more editors out there, creating a burgeoning market for the multi-tasker whether found in a boutique, a garage or a post house. The greatly reduced price and reduced requirements for the hardware platform are almost a necessity in today's market. The new Smoke sounds like a good bet. Like Autodesk, I'll be watching what users do after the June trial download becomes available.

The Secret Life of an Autodesk Systems Engineer: System requirements for other versions of Smoke

Stay tuned for my report. Alfonso had just flown in from London, where he's posting Gravity , the night before the event at the Autodesk press conference, and would be flying back to London shortly after the event. Jet-lagged as he must have been, he was the consummate professional and, more importantly, a genuine, warm person. I felt that, despite the unnatural pressures of having a "casual talk" on a stage in front of an audience, we'd have some fun. And we did. With Autodesk, I'd helped craft the questions a week or so before the event, and Alfonso had the opportunity to read them, so they wouldn't come as a surprise.

But he did say to me, "Feel free to ad lib. As it turned out, we did stick to the script NAB This one of my 2 or 3 biggest headaches doing color grading in Smoke.


There's not really any quick way to preview grades on a shot before committing it, or any way to compare 2 grades on a shot; there's no grade versioning; there's no grade bin. Just because you have a really awesome hammer doesn't mean that every job is a nail. After you make a change, you have to Process and let it write the frames to disk before you can see stuff playback.

Don't ask my why I didn't put this at the top of the list of pains in the ass, because it should probably be there.

Who knows, maybe this will change for Oh, and there is control surface support for the Avid color control surface - not sure about which, if any, others. I haven't tried it, but I would imagine, because of the stuff I've just been talking about, that it doesn't really add that much efficiency. Plus, with the sort of "non-standard" color tool layout, I'm not sure how things map to physical controls, but I know they do somehow. So that's my basic take on color grading in Smoke It appears as though not much has changed color-grading-wise for the release, but who knows for sure until we actually get our hands on the software.

I hope this doesn't look like I'm unenthusiastic about this next release. It's exactly the opposite Who knows what they're gonna do by June-Sept.

Austin Wallender , Apr 21, Joey D'Anna , Apr 21, It's a mistake to pitch Smoke as some sort of grading app. Grading with those dinky little curves I'll pass.. Baselight for the same price as Resolve is chin-strokingly intriguing, yet, it seems to be pitched as a feeder station for existing BL installs and not towards the one-man band like the rest of us.

Kinda like Flare is to Flame.

Add to that unappealing host apps, no learner version and no tutorial infrastructure Do you see a future for it? Marcus Samuel-Gaskin , Apr 24, Does somebody know the system requirements for Smoke ? Cesar Cabrera , Apr 24, Austin Wallender , Apr 28, You must log in or sign up to reply here.

Show Ignored Content. No Nicknames. Spaces are OK. Smoke on the Mac became a reality for the simple reason that Mac OS X and the Apple hardware have both become well-suited for the advantages of the software.

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Linux is at its core a relative of Mac OS X, so a port turned out to be more than doable. The target for Autodesk is to provide an all-in-one editorial finishing tool to a market that prefers the Mac environment and would never consider the Linux systems products. Many facilities will find that the same tasks can be done more efficiently and effectively by staying all within one advanced interface.

This makes a lot of sense for mid-tier post houses or broadcast facilities, which might be configured with several FCP bays and Xsan shared storage. I discuss the Linux version, which will essentially be the same as the Mac version; although, hardware differences will dictate some variations. These would equate to a full-point and a half-point software version update in competing products.

The following article describes the previous version of software, but it should give curious editors a better idea of what Smoke is all about. A significant percentage of national commercials and feature films have been touched by an Autodesk system. Posting with Smoke, Flame or Lustre offers more than just bragging rights. Each offers a best-of-class toolset that can give your project a look that is hard to duplicate.

Smoke 2013 Release: 101 Questions Asked & Answered

Autodesk is definitely aware of this, so even as it adds more powerful, advanced features, Smoke, Flame and Lustre are gaining tools that make them even more attractive to small-to-medium market post houses and broadcasters. Both of these updates mark a path where the core systems products are becoming increasingly unified.

Under Extension 1, the three principal systems products — Smoke editing , Flame visual effects and Lustre color grading — are finally running on the same hardware platform and under the same Linux operating system. The system of most interest to smaller shops and TV stations is Smoke.

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This premium-grade NLE offers powerful compositing tools, so all but the most advanced visual effects can be completed right inside the NLE. To further address the needs of this market, Smoke can now access both uncompressed and compressed media formats, including QuickTime and MXF media. Autodesk systems use a soft import feature that rewraps the metadata while still permitting access to the original media files. Modern workstations offer sufficient horsepower to achieve this with a minimal performance drop.

Here are some of the features that set Smoke apart from other NLEs. First of all, internal image processing is RGB 4: The bottom line is that no other system handles video and the effects pipeline as cleanly.