Difference between alienware and mac

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Alienware 15 vs Macbook Pro 15

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I use the netbook to tinker with Windows and run stuff like that. Then if I need sheer power, I have my desktop.

alienware 14 vs macbook pro 13"

Just look out for deals. But disclaimer, I wouldn't recommend a netbook for college unless you are bringing something else along. The Alienware will be big, heavy, clunky and have terrible battery life. I have an Alienware and yeah it is big and heavy but really it doesn't take THAT much effort to go move around with it.

The reason most people complain about poor battery life is because they either: don't charge it right, are running a lot of programs at once or have a powerful processor but a battery that isn't big enough to negate the increased power draw. I have an M15x with a 9 cell battery and I get about 4 hours of battery life but I also have an over-clocked processor in it.

Alienware m15 vs. Razer Blade

Dont even buy an alienware desktop. The purpose of laptops are to be lightweight. If you want such a high performance fat brick, you might as well build ur own pc. Macbook pros are great but expensive as hell. But if you can get whatever laptop you want id go with the macbook.

Alienware laptops may be powerful but they're heavy as hell which would definately get annoying if ur taking it all over the place. Hawkwings replies 5 threads Registered User Senior Member. Why bother paying for the Alienware name when you can get a better computer for less money?

As an engineering student, you're going to run programs that are designed for Windows-based machines. So get one of those. Bmwinborn 3 replies 1 threads Registered User New Member.

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Alienware, by far. I've had experience with both computers, much happier with my m15x Alienware. Customize your own on their website to suit your personal needs, and I suggest you stay away from any kind of Mac.

If you want a gaming pc, get the alienware. If not, get the Macbook Pro. Gaming is really the only reason i'd buy an alienware pc. I've seen a bunch of them reviewed and they look like very powerful machines, just too big and bulky for a carry everywhere computer. Just because it is marketed as a gaming pc doesn't mean that is all it is good for.

A good processor means it can handle strenuous amounts of data from multiple programs at once. Not to mention the reason it is so bulky is because of the venting so it stays cooler.

http://media.travelenet.com Yeah it is a bit on the heavy side but out of the Alienware and the Macbook Pro the Alienware is better for an engineering major. Though they are both expensive the OP could easily go with another type of computer if they so choose. Check cnet for the best laptops etc. Alienware is straight garbage.

Its like the macs of pc's except its not even good -. Laptops are designed to be portable, not some screen with a keyboard attached that sits on ur desk all day.