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Avoid when possible. Like Had its day in the Snow Leopard era. In the modern era there is so much more choice than this bug-ridden trash. I was greatly disappointed when the installer asked to install MacKeeper as well as DivX.

VTV - Uninstall of DVB Web okapybunas.tk

I will delete this app from my Mac. Like 2.

Manually uninstall DivX Plus Web Player 2.0 step by step:

Don't install this. It's garbage IMHO of course. If you have it installed, throw it in the trash and use VLC instead. Well, at least it ASKS. The bad programs won't even ask. DivX v Not for Leopard Universal Binary.

macos - Where is the Mac Divx Web Player 7 cache folder? - Super User

Spike Jones. DivX ones your main video codec inside an AVI format. Now defunct, slow and never gets anywhere near H Even Windows users are leaving this codec in favour of H Like 1. Like 7.

Remove DivX Toolbar (Uninstall Guide)

Thank You Derekcurrie! I always look for your reviews on MacUpdate because they're honest Insightful and very accurate I can't believe MacUpdate still offers this VirusWare as a download!!

STEP 1 : Uninstall DivX Toolbar program from your computer

What's Going on MacUpdate??? Technically, this isn't VirusWare. It's a simple Installer than has an upsell offer in it. In fact, the biggest sites like Download. It is certainly not Malware or Virusware or anything remotely similar. I disagree Joel. And apparently the DivX people disagree as well. They were shamed into removing this adware garbage in all further versions of DivX.

DivX 7 for Mac 7.1

Since this mess, there have been several adware installation attacks on the Mac platform, necessitating the extremely successful program Adware Medic from my colleague Thomas Reed. Also note how Malwarebytes managed to call anti-malware programs what they really are: Anti-Malware. Seeing as there are NO actual viruses for Mac, only other forms of malware, it is entirely wrong to say 'VirusWare'. A virus is only one kind of malware.

Adware is another kind of malware, whether marketing morons who nefariously infest the stuff onto Macs like that term or not.

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Like 3. Maintenant, je ne bouge plus! So in my opinion any DivX extension is useless - especially if it is displaying a logo in the lower right corner to sell its application. But I would disagree to people forcing 64 bit: QuickTime is only available with 32 bit, and as long as there is no alternative, and with Apple supporting only AV Foundation now which is 64 bit and useless there is no alternative in my opinion The first problem is that Perian, although it still works fine for now, has ended development.

It's abandonware. The second problem is that QuickTime I should know.

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  • I've been ranting at Apple for years to make it so. We are fortunate that OS X easily supports both bit and bit code, unlike Windows. DivX, Inc. User rating:. Found a bad link? Help us by reporting it. DivX Player 2.

    follow site Read more. Search Downloads. K-Lite Mega Codec Pack.

    A notice to all of our users and supporters

    K-Lite Codec Pack Full. Media Player Codec Pack. DivX for Mac.