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If you try to change the cell, a window will pop-up as shown below. You will find that only this particular cell is protected. If you try to overwrite any other cell, no message or warning appears.

This is because only the locked cells in excel are protected. A locked cell in excel or formula cannot secure the cell from further overwriting unless it is protected.


How to Lock a Picture to a Cell in Excel 2011

So, to protect a formula from any change, you need to lock the cell formula in excel and then protect it. It is important to note that by default all cells in a worksheet are locked.

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Therefore, if you want to protect only the formula cells, you need to unlock all the other cells and then protect the formula cells. Suppose you have the sales data for different products obtained in different zones as shown below. You are supposed to calculate the total sales of each product separately and identify the product with the highest sales.

You are also supposed to lock a cell in excel and also protect the formula for calculating the highest sales, however, the sales data and its sum can be editable.

Technology Coaching: Protecting Cells in a Worksheet in Excel 2011 for Mac

To identify the product with the highest sales, use the index formula :. Now, to protect this formula cell from any further change, you need to first unlock all the cells in excel sheet. This will open the Format Cells dialog box. Now, uncheck the Locked option under the Protection Tab. This will lock the cell formula.

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You can optionally select a password. Suppose you have the oil prices for different cities for August and September. You need to calculate the median oil prices for August and September, and see in which month the oil prices were higher. To calculate the median prices, use the syntax:.

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Then, uncheck the Locked option. This will unlock all the cells. All the cells containing the formulas will be selected.


Check Locked and click OK. You can optionally provide a password. The formulas are now protected. Here we discuss how to lock cells in excel and how to protect formulas in Excel along with practical examples and downloadable excel templates. Filed Under: Excel , Excel Tools. If you are using a PC or Windows based laptop, you can make an Excel cell reference absolute or fixed by pressing the F4 function key on the keyboard after the cell reference. Find further details of our Microsoft Excel training in the London area. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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MS Excel for Mac: Protect a cell

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